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Related Gannett Fleming Services

  • Water/Wastewater

    Sources of water are becoming increasingly more difficult to develop, maintain, and sustain. Communities must overcome degrading quality and scarcity to ensure drought tolerance, fix aging infrastructure, and plan for future growth and climate change. We deliver integrated water resources services together with sound financial planning and IT solutions to help communities meet the complex challenge of ensuring safe, clean, reliable water supplies.

  • Power Services


    Power companies face mounting pressure to supply affordable, reliable electricity while ensuring aging transmission networks are resilient to rising environmental, political, security, and load demand risks. We can help you meet those challenges by hardening existing power infrastructure to support rate cases, pass regulatory scrutiny, and provide sufficient revenues.

  • Dams and Levees Services

    Dams and Levees

    Dams, levees, and other water management infrastructure have a vital role when it comes to flood control, water supply, recreation, and power. We partner with our clients to deliver innovative and sustainable dam and levee solutions, from concept to completion and commissioning. Whether you need a new design, rehabilitation, inspection, risk assessment, or permitting assistance, we provide resilient water management systems to reduce risk, sustain water supplies and protective works, and safeguard communities.

  • Oil and Gas Services

    Oil and Gas

    For 40 years and throughout the U.S., we’ve served the oil and gas industry with consistent and reliable engineering and environmental support. No matter the timeline or scope, our team’s expertise in upstream, midstream, and downstream issues will provide you with comprehensive solutions to address your critical infrastructure needs.

  • Transit and Rail Services

    Transit and Rail

    Railroad and transit operators bear great responsibility in moving people and goods safely, efficiently, and with least impact. You need a partner who listens to you, understands your unique needs, and designs with long-term costs, operations, maintenance, safety, and security in mind. We apply engineering expertise with emerging technology to achieve your goals while facilitating budget control and timely project completion.

  • Business and Technology Solutions

    Business and Technology Solutions

    From strategy development to service delivery, infrastructure owners have increased the performance of their assets with help from the business and technology solutions consultants at Gannett Fleming. Our experienced team applies industry and technical knowledge to meet your unique business objectives by enabling data driven decision making, improving reliability and resilience, improving the customer experience, increasing asset utilization, increasing performance and productivity, and managing whole lifecycle costs.

  • GeoDecisions


    Since 1986, our team of geospatial experts has been developing innovative solutions in an ever-changing world. We help clients across the globe, and right next door to improve their business and increase productivity. We work with our partners to push the boundaries of geospatial technology – creating new applications, evolving existing systems, and revolutionizing the way organizations accomplish their work.